Workflow   Description   Assumption  
  Source ESI   Starting GB volume of ESI to be ingested in processing. Volume is calculated as ESI is kept in the ordinary course of business, without compression from preservation, collection or shipment.   
Enter the volume of source data.
  Extraction   Likely expansion to this percent after extraction of attachments, embedded objects, and decompression of container files:  
Enter the expansion rate expected after all containers and attachments are extracted. If source data consists of only email containers set this to 200%.
  Objective Filter   Percentage promoted after de-duplication and deNIST:  
Enter the percentage of data that will remain after the application of preliminary dupe, nist and date filters.
  Subjective Filter   Percentage promoted after key word, date filter or other subjective criteria:   
Enter the percentage of data that will remain after culling. This is what will be promoted to Review.
  Load-Ready Import   Additional GBs of load-ready data imported into Review workspace:   
Enter the number of GBs expected to be received from third parties that will need to be loaded into the review workspace but will not require full data processing.
  Brainspace    Include Brainspace Discovery for Predictive Coding and/or Continuous Active Learning:   
  Analytics   Include Relativity Analytics to enable near duplicate detection, email threading, repeated content, keyword expansion, foreign language detection, communication analysis and categorization:  
  Review Users   Number of users requiring access to full native review workspace:   
Enter the number of users that will need access to the review workspace.
  Hosting Months   Number months to keep the review workspace active:  
Enter the number of months the review workspace will need to remain online in a fully active state.
  Service   Description   Rate  
  Data Ingestion   One time per GB fee calculated against compressed size on disk of source data.     
  Native Processing   One time per GB fee calculated against volume of data resulting after the application of search terms; volume is calculated against expanded size and only applies to data sets that require full ingestion for data reduction, as opposed to load-ready data to be imported.     
  Data Import   One time per GB fee calculated against volume of data loaded into Review workspace; only applies to load-ready volumes that bypass processing for data reduction.    
  Database Setup   One time setup fee to create custom database environment; includes both ECA and Review workspaces, user account setup with permissions, and customization of fields, choices, layouts and views.     
  Review Hosting   Monthly recurring per GB storage fee for all data published to review workspace. GB volume calculated against total size of all natives and images, or assumes 3000 documents per GB if natives and images do not exist.     
  User License   Monthly recurring software license for each named user that is provided access to review workspace.    
  Brainspace    One time per GB indexing fee calculated against volume of natives selected for predictive workflow; if no natives are available 3000 documents per GB is assumed.    
  Relativity Analytics   Monthly recurring per GB fee added to Review Hosting to enable Relativity analytics.     
  Service     Measure Quantity   Rate   1st Month          
  Ingestion     GB       $0.00        
  Native Processing     GB       $0.00        
  Data Import     GB       $0.00        
  Database Setup     DB 1.00       $0.00        
  Review Hosting     GB/mo              
  User License     User/mo              
  Brainspace     GB       $0.00        
  Relativity Analytics _   GB/mo _ _ _        
Document Review
    Days available to complete review  
    Number of documents reviewed per hour  
    Tota Documents  
    Contract Review Hours Needed  
    Attorney Project Manager Hours Needed  
    Law Firm Attorney Hours Needed  
    Number of Contract Reviewers Needed  
  -   Estimated Review Cost